Burglar Not Shot by Homeowner, Progressive Heads Explode

28 January 2016, Sanger, California

Californian heads are exploding after one of their evil gun owners failed to heed the siren song of his gun to kill a man he found burgling his house.

In contrast to all the evil gun owners out there, this mild-mannered septuagenarian was minding his lawn, apparently not praying for the chance to gun someone down with that sweet, sweet gunpowder-fueled murder-machine, when he went go into his house and noticed that the door was shut and locked.

Looking in through a window, he saw Enrique Garza, 54, perusing the items in his house. Garza, out on an early-release scheme designed to eliminate jail overcrowding through releasing men deemed to be at low-risk of committing future crimes.

Apparently, the Great State of California got this one, single, solitary assessment wrong. Who knew?

Anyway, our bloodthirsty killer, who’s had his permit since the 60’s, declined this opportunity to slake his desire for slaying. Instead, he tempered his justice with mercy, bringing Mr. Garza outside and sitting him down at gunpoint to await the police.

The homeowner, who would not allow his name to be used, expressed his desire that his assailant gets the help that he needs and that maybe THIS stretch in prison will help him turn his life around.

This is a side of gun use that you don’t see on the big networks. Most defensive gun uses are non-violent or non-fatal and if it doesn’t bleed, it doesn’t lead.

This is one of the better ways a DGU can go, nobody dies and the threat gets the help they need before they can hurt themselves or someone else. And, ultimately, isn't that a good thing?

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