Home Invasion Repelled, Nobody Dead, Media Silent

05 February 2016, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The impossible has happened again. Another home invasion has been thwarted by an armed homeowner.

This time, an Oklahoma City resident was in his home and chilling when, around 3:30 AM, someone knocked gently on his door.

And by “knocked gently”, we mean started to kick it down.

The homeowner, knowing that it would take the police a few minutes to arrive, realized that he would have to be his own first responder, grabbed his shotgun and went to repel the assault.

Being a normal, well-adjusted human being, our homeowner was reluctant to just open fire on another human. He confronted his assailant at gun point and a struggle ensued wherein the attacker tried to grab the shotgun.

The homeowner fired, causing his attacker to break contact and flee.

Police picked up Vernon Eugene Wyatt, 37, a few blocks away. Wyatt was taken to a hospital and will be charged with 1st Degree Burglary and Assault and Battery.

The homeowner received minor wounds.

This is something that you, the law-abiding citizen need to factor into your home-defense/self-defense plans.

Simply pointing a weapon at someone will not necessarily be enough to drive them off or cause them to submit to capture. Our protagonist was wounded by his reluctance to fire combined with allowing his attacker to get too close.

Firearms are, by their nature, ranged weapons which allow the use to put distance between the user and the assailant. Distance=Time and Time is your friend in a potential conflict or firefight.

Use it.

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