Yet Another Homeowner Fails To Have His Gun Used Against Him

05 February 2016, Dallas, Texas

It’s getting creepy. It seems like just yesterday we were writing about the statistically impossible happening, and yet, here we are again.

This time, it was a Dallas Homeowner who was forced to be His Own First Responder when a man with a shotgun attempted to assault his home.

Our protagonist, a Good Guy With A Gun, refused to allow this unwarranted invasion and opened fire.

The would-be burglar died in the alley behind the house

This wasn’t the stereotyped midnight burgling, either. This attack on an innocent homeowner occurred around 10 AM.

Regular readers will have noticed the high numbers of daytime burglaries we’ve covered here, and will have noticed that the majority of the subsequent shootings are the result of the offender not realizing that the resident was home or not hearing/heeding the homeowner’s warnings.

This event was a bit different. As we’ve stated in the past, burglars are choosing to work during the day to AVOID contact with homeowners; especially in those states where self-defense isn’t a crime, like Texas.

This burglar wasn’t rolling around with a small handgun, to be kept in a pocket until needed and freeing both hands for the business of involuntary redistribution of someone else’s assets. This moron had a weapon which, even in its shortest non-sawed-off lengths, requires at least one hand to keep it at the ready.

Luckily, this Bad Guy With A Gun didn’t have time to bring it to bear and was put down before he could bring harm.

The Good Guy With A Gun was taken downtown for questioning, but no charges are being filed.

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