Dim Bulb Nearly Blown Out

28 January 2016, Luttrell, Tennessee

Home Invasion is a risky business. For Cregory Thatcher, 29, it was almost his last home invasion.

Thatcher’s criminal career was brought up short by the owner of a home in the 800 Block of Bull Run Rd. around 7 PM.

The homeowner heard Mr. Thatcher attempting to make entry into his home and, with a single gunshot, put him down but, fortunately for Mr. Thatcher, not out.

Thatcher was airlifted to the hospital in serious condition and will be charged with his crimes, should he survive the initial consequences of his actions.

The Good Guy With A Gun will not be charged as defending yourself and your home is not a crime in Tennessee, only NY, NJ, MD, MA, DC, CA, and Chicago, IL.

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