Fake Gun, Real Consequences

07 February 2016, Pensacola, Florida

Violent armed robbery checklist:

Hat? Check.

Camouflage Clothing? Check.

Old-West Style Bandanna for face? Check.

Weapon? Uh…well…I found this in my little brother’s room…

Nevertheless, convicted felon Jarell Blackmon, 24, of Beaber Rd., Pensacola, very nearly pulled it off. He used speed, surprise, violence of action and gave Abed Alslaq, 20, the clerk at his target, the Beacon Store, the impression that it was a real gun he was using in his stickup.

This was where things got a little sticky. Unlike Blackmon, Alslaq had a real gun. When Blackmon turned to make his getaway, Alslaq shot him in the neck.

Blackmon was found hiding nearby, bleeding from a non-fatal though-and-through gunshot wound to the right side of his neck. (See Picture Above).

In most states (excepting the ones wherein self-defense is a still a crime crime) the fact that Blackmon was using a fake is totally irrelevant. Blackmon created what is sometimes called a real, articulable fear of death or serious bodily harm in Alslaq. Alslaq didn’t know it was a fake and that’s all that matters.

Blackmon admitted to using a fake weapon in the robbery.

No charges have been filed against the victim, because self-defense is not a crime in Florida.

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