Man Pulls Gun in Domestic Dispute, Woman in Critical Condition

10 February 2016, Warren, Michigan

An attack at the General Motors Tech Center left the victim in the hospital in critical condition and the assailant possibly roaming free, though there is some confusion on that point.

An unnamed woman, let’s call her “Assailant”, walked into the lobby of the Tech Center and asked for the other unnamed woman, “Victim”.

The stabbing occurred around 9-ish and left the 52-year-old victim in critical condition with stab wounds to the gut, neck, and back.

The domestically-linked incident may have progressed to a fatality but for the swift action of one man: Didarul Sarder, the 32-year-old Valet Supervisor of the Tech Center, who was carrying a handgun in violation of corporate policy.

He pulled his handgun and stopped the attempted murder without firing a shot. He ordered the assailant to drop the knife and she complied. He then called 9-1-1.

Contrary to initial reports, he has not been fired, but is still awaiting word on whether he will be fired, transferred to a different location, or permitted to resume his duties.

This will be an interesting wait, as everyone from the Mayor on down is hailing Sarder is a hero. It will come down to the age-old clash of corporate culture doing its best to shield itself from liability after one of their employees or vendors took it upon themselves to engage in politically incorrect defense of a third party from a lethal attack.

In GM’s and the valet service vendor’s defense, you can just bet that, had Sarder been forced to fire upon the attacker, they would have been sued into oblivion by the attacker or her survivors.

Of course, as it stands now, we could see a civil suit in the offing from the victim as GM policy was intended to disarm law abiding Americans, yet did not have sufficient security to prevent this violent crime on their private property.

Take what lessons you will from this.

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