Another Child Shot, This Time In Arizona

11 February 2016, Peoria, Arizona

A child was shot in the leg after accidentally walking in to the wrong house…through the window…after ascertaining that nobody was home.

Or so he thought.

After hearing their doorbell ring a few times, the homeowner and his wife ignored it, not wanting to deal with visitors at 9 AM. A moment later, the homeowners heard glass breaking in their home.

On investigation, the male homeowner found two men attempting to enter the home, one of whom was already halfway through the broken window. The homeowner, rightly miffed at this violation of his privacy by two hooligans, fired a single round at the 17-year-old “child” invading his home.

The bullet struck the intruder in the leg, causing both him and his accomplice to flee.

Strange things were reported afoot at a nearby Circle-K and the 17-year-old was picked up, transported to a local hospital for treatment of a non-life-threatening gunshot wound.

And then promptly arrested.

The other male escaped in a light-colored (white, silver, or beige) passenger vehicle.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is why we tell you, repeatedly, that you need to answer the door when someone knocks.

You don’t need to actually OPEN the door, but you should attend to the knocking. It is an increasingly-common tactic that home burglars are using: ringing or knocking a few times to ensure that nobody’s home, then hitting a side or back entrance or window to get in.

If you’re actually home, then there’s a problem here. You’re home and you have a violent assault on house coming in the next few seconds.

Whereas if you’d come to the door, and spoken to them through it, telling them that you weren’t interested in whatever they were selling, they may very well wander off and try a different house.

Granted, this is a problem that you’ve just successfully shunted off onto your neighbors. But at this point, you should, at the very least, have called the police non-emergency line and given them a description of the strangers going around the neighborhood.

If you have a halfway-decent police force, you should see at least one marked patrol car rolling around the neighborhood within the next minutes, which may serve as a deterrent. If you have the usual metropolitan police force and you don’t live in the nice part of town, you’re on your own until they can get around to you.

Be ready.

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