Again, Gun Owner Has His Gun Taken, Used Against Him During Attempt to Stop Robbery

12 February 2016, Columbus, Ohio

Gun Control extremists are probably rejoicing again tonight. A gun owner had his gun taken and used against him in an attempt to stop a robbery. He is currently listed in Critical Condition.

As usual, this is where we bring reality back to the Clinton/Sanders crowd.

Around 6 this morning man walked into a Marathon Gas Station in West Columbus, pulled out a gun, and demanded all the cash.

Apparently, Marathon employs ultra-badass ninja for their morning shift workers, as the clerk seized the robbers weapon from him and shot him twice, causing him to flee.

His flight also speaks volumes about the quality and value of Tim Horton’s Coffee and Baked Goods as that’s where the violent felon ran to before summoning aid.

Police expect that the criminal will survive.

Marathon will probably be firing their employee. It seems to be a trend with corporations firing their employees for stopping crimes and preventing the loss of innocent life.

But that’s not why we’re here. If Marathon Corporate security wants our advice, they’ll need to pay us.

As for the rest of you, there’s a basic lesson to be taken from this: As with all confrontations with vilent criminals, it’s better to be armed ahead of time.

Failing that, snatching the gun from your assailant is one of the ballsier (ovarier?) moves that you can attempt. They’re stressed, you’re stressed, and if they REALLY don’t know what they’re doing, the criminal is standing there with his finger on the trigger already.

This requires you to be the coolest cucumber on the planet before making your move, as well as being totally accepting of the fact that this may not work and you may very well be shot for your troubles. Sometimes just because you tried to pull that gun straight towards you, depressing your attacker’s finger against the trigger and setting the gun off.

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