Home Invasion Stopped, Arsonist Still At-Large

12 February 2016, Pulaski County, Kentucky

What could have turned into a gigantic $#!t-show in rural Kentucky ended with a burglar in custody, another on the run, and a house on fire.

Megan Baker says that she awoke to the noise of two intruders in her home.

Instead of calling police, the nearest station being 9 miles away, she called her father, who rushed over to the house in time to capture David M. Lafavers, 39, at gunpoint as he attempted to escape.

Lafavers’ accomplice, Kyle Cordell, 28, took off into the woods. He is still at large. Police believe that he is responsible for the simultaneous arson committed at a nearby house. They theorize that he set the house on fire to keep warm.

Baker’s father was unharmed and should be commended for showing such restraint in not shooting the person who had been attacking his child.

The really fun part about this? That this wouldn’t have happened if the bail and bonding system actually worked to prevent violent criminals from returning to their crimes.

Lafaver was out on a large property bond after a home invasion last month. Lucky for him, Baker’s father and the mercy he showed is yet another example of the millions of responsible, lawful gun owners NOT out looking to kill someone.

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