Gunman Wounds Two Children in New Orleans Mass Shooting/Robbery

02 February 2016, New Orleans, Louisiana

Two children were wounded during a robbery/mass-shooting around 11 PM in NOLA’s Irish Channel area.

Jason Ford, 17, and Germain Hurlston, 18, approached two men at an intersection to inquire after some of their belongings. However, one of the men replied by opening fire, wounding both of them.

Ford and Hurlston were treated and release at a local hospital.

Now, some of you may be wondering why these two were shot for simply asking a question. That’s a good thing to want to know.

The questions asked by Ford and Hurlston were along the lines of, “Do you see this gun in my hand?” “You wanna put your hands up?” and “How about you give us all your money?”

As the two gentlemen were handing over their belongings, one of them took advantage of the confusion to pull out his gun and open fire on the two muggers.

How did this happen? We’re told time and again that having a lawfully carried firearm on you is 100% guaranteed to end in disaster for you. You’ll have it taken from you or you’ll end up shooting yourself or slaughtering hundreds of civilians. Yet somehow, just like the last 150 or so posts in this blog series, that didn’t happen. A Good Guy with a Gun Stopped Bad Guys With Guns.

It’s almost like people say those things out of fear or an intense desire to abdicate any responsibility for their own safety. It couldn’t be because they’re just parroting points from their talking head of choice instead of engaging in rational thought.

Well, that’s progress.

As to a tactical breakdown of this, without more details, we can’t be certain of much, but we can make a few educated guesses.

1. Our victims were out late and walking through a shady part of town. Never a good start.

2. Our Good Guys With a Gun allowed strangers to approach them while walking through a shady part of town late at night.

Do not do these things.

We’re not suggesting that you should go through life with one hand on your sidearm, but when strangers make a beeline for you in a sketchy part of town, establishing some kind of basic defensive posture may be advised.

Again, not saying that you need to go straight for your firearm, but begin with verbal controls such as, “Stop there, please” in a loud, firm voice.

Of course, that may not work, or you may not have time to employ that most basic of controls. Depending on the speed of their assault, you may need to skip straight to the other end of the continuum of force and employ lethal force.

It’s at this point that training pays off. Training ensures that when you go for your gun, you’re not fumbling with it; potentially dropping it or catching it wrong and shooting yourself or a bystander.

(Pro-Tip: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CATCH A DROPPED GUN. Quality modern firearms are usually equipped with drop safeties designed to prevent a firing pin or striker from engaging the primer without the trigger being pulled. Most people who catch things have a tendency to grip as hard as they can with all five fingers; one of those may find its way into the trigger guard and KaBoom!)

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