California Burglar Assaulted by Armed Homeowner

14 February 2016, Ontario, California

Force should always be your last resort. In the case of an Ontario, California homeowner, he almost waited too long.

Around 5:15AM a man decided to break through the home’s front door. The female homeowner called police, while the male homeowner engaged the suspect hand-to-hand.

During the struggle, the homeowner’s gun was discharged by either the assailant or the homeowner, killing the attacker.

The attacker died in the house.

The homeowner was unharmed and, strangely, uncharged for committing the crime of self-defense in California.

The homeowner had a stand-off weapon, but in his gun-fueled blood lust to shoot someone, did his level best to not use his gun.

Sometimes it’s a good plan, sometimes it’s a bad plan. In this case, it was almost a bad plan.

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