Texas Gun Fanatic Murders Man In Cold Blood, Claims Self-Defense

16 February 2016, Richardson, Texas

Derick Roderick Jackson, 22, is dead. Slain by a Texas gun fetishist who had no control over his urge to kill, gunning poor Derick down without a shred of mercy.

Around 5:50AM, Richardson police received a phone call from the killer, stating that he was holding a man at gunpoint in his apartment, probably only barely restraining his need to take an innocent life with the object of his sordid lusts (an evil, smelly gun). But by the time they’d arrived, the cold-hearted resident had achieved his ultimate fantasy: taking a man’s life. (“in self-defense”, of course.)

Here in reality, Police are reporting that the resident had apprehended Derick Roderick Jackson, 22, who was breaking into his apartment and was holding him at gunpoint.

Strange thing to do, isn’t it? Aren’t all lawful gun owners just PRAYING for a chance to shoot someone? Why would this guy not just shoot the intruder? Isn’t every gun owner a wanna-be Rambo? It just doesn’t make sense that we’d get mercy and restraint from one.

Sadly, for both the resident and Jackson’s loved ones, Jackson decided that he did not desire to go peacefully into police custody and attempted take the resident’s firearm while waiting for the police to arrive.

(If ONLY the resident hadn't had a gun, Mr. Jackson would be alive. The resident, maybe? Maybe not. But he's not really important, is he? So long as only the police had firearms, they could have defended the reident...once they arrived.)

For his attempted assault, Mr. Jackson died on the operating table after the resident defended himself.

This may happen. Should you have someone at gunpoint, for whatever reason, do not expect that the will remain compliant just because you have a gun. Therefore, getting close to this person is not a good idea. Do not let it happen.

Do not let them move. Or get comfortable. Or go to the bathroom.

They’re not guests and it’s better that you have a minor ServPro moment, cleaning whatever bodily wastes leaked through their pants onto the carpet, than to have a Major ServPro moment, cleaning their blood and tissue out.

Not to mention the years of therapy you’ll need after using lethal force against someone, no matter how much they deserved it.

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