The Mugshot Seen 'Round The World, Knife-Control Groups Silent

12 February 2016, Las Vegas, Nevada

If he was still with us, we believe that Rick James would agree when we say, “Meth’s a helluva drug!” And we mean what we say when we say that it will meth you up but good. Psychosis, hallucinations, and insane dental problems are just some of the symptoms, aside from death.

Though, when meth kills you, it’s generally because your body gave out from being awake for three years and ingesting nothing but more meth and the powdered remains of your teeth as you grind them down.

Alexander Gonzales, 40, of Las Vegas, came close to losing his life from meth in a different manner entirely: acute lead poisoning brought on by repeated intramuscular and intracranial injections delivered at 1400 feet per second.

Mr. Gonzales was found trying to enter a home through the pet flap. The homeowners who found him, saw that Gonzales was carrying a knife and refusing to halt his advance into the house.

The male homeowner opened fire, striking Mr. Gonzales in the face and arm, causing non-life-threatening wounds.

Then the police finally arrived and took Mr. Gonzales into custody, charging him with attempted home invasion, possession of a deadly weapon, and drug possession for the aforementioned meth…and taking the mugshot pictured above.

Mr. Gonzales told medical personnel that he had the knife because someone was chasing him.

This, plus the bag of meth he had on him, is a big sign that he was still under the influence of the drug. It is also a huge irrelevancy.

If he had not been shot and had been able to complete his assault on the homeowners, then we may very well be reading about Las Vegas Metro investigating the killing of two homeowners as they slept. Instead, we’re reading about a man wounded, but not killed, during the commission of a crime and two of the good guys who get to keep on living.

You, as the defenders of your "castle", have several options when encountering an assailant half-way into your home: exit the home through a different door, engage the intruder in conversation about the fictional men pursuing him, retreat to your safe area, call the police whilst watching him struggle through the door, start booting him in the head as he squirms into your home and refuses your commands to stop, or some combination of the above with your own improvisations thrown in as you see fit.

In this case, the homeowner chose to engage Gonzales as he was refusing to stop his advance. He was not wrong to do so and will not be charged.

Anit-Violence groups across the nation have been curiously silent on the need for more restrictive knife laws.

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