Man Shot At Home, Gun Control Crowd Curiously Silent

16 February 2016, Lockland, Ohio

Willie O’Neal Brown, 59, of Lockland, had a few friends over to his house when his bloodlust arose and suddenly decided to shoot, in the chest, a man who did NOT have a gun to defend himself. Mr. Brown, who police are desperately trying to confirm possessed his gun illegally, refused to answer dispatcher’s questions about the nature of the man’s injuries and was reluctant to state for the record if he had shot the man, saying only, “He’s down.”

One is left to wonder why, if Mr. Brown was so innocent (as if a death-dealing gun owner could ever be innocent) he refused to state to the dispatcher, on the record, and without speaking to his lawyers that he had shot the man. Do the truly innocent EVER have anything to fear?

When authorities finally arrived, they worked on the downed man for over 20 minutes before declaring him dead. Yet another victim of the gun violence which plagues this country

Now, let us look at this again, but let’s drop the absurd belief that guns are evil and anyone who uses one is the villain.

Willie O’Neal Brown, 59, of Lockalnd, Ohio, is a man beloved by his entire neighborhood and was entertaining a few friends when his front door opened and two men walked in. One of the men, armed with a knife, put it to Mr. Brown’s neck, presumably so his partner(s) could rob the place.

Mr. Brown, however is one of those take-no-guff-from-anyone kind of guys and resisted, despite someone having a lethal weapon at his throat. He tussled with the man who was giving him said guff, and returned the guff given with great gusto, eventually drawing his sidearm and firing one shot into the man’s chest.

The man’s comrades in crime (one could hardly call the men who leave you to die “friends”) departed at-speed in a gold car of undescribed make or model.

The deceased, as yet unidentified as his family has not been contacted, was pronounced dead 20 minutes after emergency crews began working on him.

The police, while hopefully thanking Mr. Brown for removing this violent criminal from the streets, are working hard to ensure that he lawfully owned that pistol.

Now, let’s get down to what would appear to be the most suspicious to the gun-control crowd: Mr. Brown’s calm demeanor and refusal to state that he’d shot his assailant.

As they and others who would disarm you, the law abiding citizen, in their efforts to “feel” safe would say, “The innocent have nothing to fear.” Sadly, sometimes they do. All it takes is one politically-motivated prosecutor looking to score some election points and suddenly your recorded, admissible-in-court 9-1-1 statement is your confession of guilt in the cold-blooded murder described in the parodic first paragraph.

In his 9-1-1 call, Mr. Brown is following some very sound advice: Cooperate with authorities as much as you can, but make no statements until you have talked with counsel. Too often, in the immediate aftermath of a shooting, emotions run high.

This is where training and personal discipline come in handy. As much as you just want to talk to SOMEBODY, ANYBODY, to get the tangle of emotions and adrenaline to calm down, you need to continue to act rationally and logically and remember that anything you say on your 9-1-1 call is admissible as evidence.

However, that 9-1-1 recording can cut both ways.

Example: Someone starts kicking your door down and you call 9-1-1 while taking cover. The operator will let it run, even if you stop talking to them, so long as there’s noise coming in. The tape will record your cries for help and your repeated warnings to your assailant that you’re on the phone with 9-1-1, that the police are on their way, and that you’re armed.

As with everything else we discuss here. We’re not telling you that you HAVE to do things this way, but it’s something to bear in mind when You Are Your Own First Responder.

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