Man Shot, Killed for Being In "Wrong Place"

21 February 2016, Columbus, Ohio

Tory Jones, 26, was executed this morning. His crime? Being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

His executioner was yet another cowardly, gun-humping, conservative, mouth-breathing, redneck moron who couldn’t be bothered to learn how to leave well-enough alone or how to use his fists like a real man.

The gun-criminal in question, Darryl Francis, 36, “claims” that young Tory deserved to be shot. AS if simply being inside a stranger’s home, uninvited, at 3 AM, while the resident is sleeping, having forced your way in, is justification for the use of such a device of pure evil as a gun to “defend” your home.

Is breaking and entering, possibly with intent to harm the resident, REALLY worth taking someone’s life? Did Mr. Francis even stop to consider Tory’s perspective? Maybe Tory was desperate, hungry, in need of small items to sell for money for food, or for drugs (which shouldn’t be illegal, anyway)? Maybe he just wanted to hurt Mr. Francis a tiny bit. Just enough to make up for Mr. Francis' crime of having a better house. Maybe Tory didn’t know any better? If you’re raised to believe that breaking and entering is OK, how would you know differently when you’re 26?

Did he even think about what he was doing when he decided to deprive Tory of his right to life, just so he could “feel safe”? Or was he so overcome by bloodlust that he just HAD to shoot Tory or risk losing that feeling of “manliness” that comes from owning a gun.

Sound like any people you may know? Does the odor of patchouli come to mind when you read this?

According to the police, Mr. Francis awoke around 3 to find Mr. Jones in his house. A scuffle ensued and Mr. Francis shot Mr. Jones.

No charges have been filed. Again, because Self-Defense is not a Crime.

Stay safe out there.

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