Young Man Deprived of Right to Life by "Lawful Gun Owner"

21 February 2016, Tampa, Florida

Another day, another kill-crazy gun owner shooting a man who didn’t need to be shot.

This time, the scene was set in Tampa at the Cut Rate Liquor Store around 11 PM. Cody Bolesta, 20, and a friend walked into the store, leveled firearms, and calmly requested that the clerk make a donation to their personal expense accounts.

The intolerant clerk failed to take into account the fact that he might be killed and drew a gun of his own, adding ANOTHER death machine to an already deadly situation. The clerk fired, intentionally depriving Bolesta of his right to life, liberty, and a speedy trial.

When will these bloodthirsty lawful gun owners learn that they’re not making the world better by defending themselves? This clerk not only killed a man, but he shattered a family, and for what? So he could “feel safe”? What about Bolesta’s right to safety? The clerk didn’t KNOW that Bolesta would fire and should have just given him the money.

What right did the clerk have to arrogate to himself the power to decide guilt? Just because two men come in and point guns at you, do you have the right to make that decision? We here at Liberal Ostriches believe that Bolesta would be alive and well and the clerk would have been unharmed, had he only cowered in the corner and let Bolesta and his friend take the money they so obviously needed.

So many people forget about this. That these people wouldn’t commit violent crimes if they hadn’t some overarching need. Bolesta has multiple felony narcotics convictions, perhaps he needed the money for his next fix. Maybe he needed it to pay bills.

Or maybe it was a simple case of wanting to make sure that he got some of the funds due to him for all the disadvantages he’s operating under and the liquor store was open….

Ok. We can’t go further with that hard-left drivel.

Bolesta and his accomplice walked into a place of business and attempted to use force to deprive a hardworking business owner and his employees of the fruits of their labors. They made the conscious decisions to arm themselves, disguise themselves, and attempt a violent crime in pursuit of easy money.

Bolesta's death was a direct, tangible result of their poor decision-making and nobody else.

An interesting quote from one of these articles is, “Dispatchers received a 911 call around 10:45 p.m. of gun shots coming from inside the Cut Rate Liquor Store at 3312 N. 15th Street.” (ABC News)

This indicates that the clerk was not the first person to call 9-1-1, but a bystander called. This is important for you, the lawfully-armed citizen to bear in mind: Your Call May Not Be The One The Police Are Responding To.

So, you’ve just neutralized your attacker, your scene is safe to remain, and you’re on the horn with 9-1-1. You hear a siren approaching, so you hang up, thanking them for their wonderfully rapid response after the danger to you has passed.

Are those officers responding to YOUR call, or to a bystander’s call? If they’re on-scene that fast, it’s probably not you. They may very well be working on the statement that somone matching your description has just shot someone.

In other words, YOU are the bad guy until proven otherwise.

It is at times like these that we at Interritus strongly encourage our clients to not be standing oer a corpse with a gun in their hand.

As far as these officers know, you may be some fully-vetted, background-checked Uber driver and the guy on the ground is the victim. Do NOT Give the responding officers reason to think that you are a threat.

Their first order of business will be to make the scene safe. You should expect to be cuffed and stuffed, possibly to morph into an all-expenses-paid trip to the station house, no matter what. If they’re rolling in and see a man with a gun in his hand, YOU are the threat.

Keep this in mind when You Are Your Own First Responder.

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