Shooter Fails to Kill Man With His .225, Threatens To Shoot Him Again

16 February 2016, Hickory, North Carolina

Brian Eckard, 36, was lucky. He survived an attempt on his life by Tony Pitts, a crazed gunman who “felt threatened” by his mere presence. The deranged shooter opened fire with a gun firing massive .225-inch bullets (for reference, the ever-popular AR-15, fondled by ammosexuals throughout the nation, only fires .223).

The police have not yet said whether the would-be killer used a gun with a 10 shot high-capacity clip or one of those easy-concealment double actions which fire more than one shot (as opposed to single action).

To add insult to (fortunately non-fatal) injury, after spraying Brian with bullets, Mr. Pitts said that he will shoot Brian again.

To recap in a less projection-heavy manner:

Brian Eckard, 36, came close to losing his life today. His crime? Breaking into a home in the south and expecting to not be shot.

Tony Pitts, 71 and disabled, heard knocking on his front door in the middle of the night and ignored it. As a result of ignoring the criminal’s probe, the knocking was followed up with the sound of glass shattering at the back door as Mr. Eckard decided to get an early start on the redistribution of wealth promised by the progressive left.

Mr. Pitts, who was still in bed, grabbed his .22 pistol (type not stated, but his hand motions in the video suggest a revolver) and shuffled towards the threat. He encountered Mr. Eckard standing in his home and treated him like the threat he was, firing three rounds of .22LR (the world’s least-frightening, though still lethal, round) two of which penetrated into Mr. Eckard’s chest.

In an interview with media the morning following the shooting (rarely a good idea) Mr. Pitts said that he didn’t want to shoot an intruder, but self-defense was instinctive, and then he issued his “threat”, telling a reporter that if there’s another break-in that he’ll do the same thing.

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