Las Vegas Housewares Relocation Specialist Killed by Gun-Toting Thugs

25 February 2016, Las Vegas, Nevada

Victor Lamar Jones, 27, was killed today. He was murdered while he was trying to earn a living.

Young Victor, who barely had a chance to live, was going about his employment as an unscheduled, involuntary home renovations, demolitions, and moving specialist, was interrupted in in his work when a man came to the front door of the house he was working on. The man summoned two armed thugs to come and investigate.

Las Vegas Metro Police say that the thugs checked the front of the house and, as it was locked, went around the back, where they found little Victor making his escape. One of the armed goons drew his weapon and started trying to give tiny Vic orders to lay down and to be still.

In fear for his life, young Mr. Jones decided that the only way he was going to survive the encounter with these armed intruders was to attack the head goon.

Strangely, the armed thugs didn’t just shoot him. The lead goon engaged in a fistfight with little Victor, rather than just shoot him. However, Victor continued his attack and the thug finally felt that shooting him was a better option, depriving Victor of his right to life and liberty so that the thug could feel better about himself and justify his cowardly need to carry a firearm.

Ok, so let’s look at the reality of the situation. Mr. Jones was breaking into an unoccupied home, a rental property in-between tenants. Unluckily for Mr. Jones, his unscheduled property removal was discovered by a locksmith who showed up to change the locks prior to new tenants showing up.

The locksmith, wisely refusing to enter the house, called the property owners, who came over to investigate.

Perhaps they didn’t think that the burglar was still there. Sadly, this meant that there was no police backup on the way when they found Mr. Jones in the backyard with what turned out to be a bag full of burglary tools.

Still, the belief remains that gun owners are trigger=-happy fetishists, only truly alive when firing off huge, sexy bullets and dreaming of killing.

Which makes it all the more strange that the when the owners showed up and found Jones, they DIDN’T shoot him when he charged one of them. The landlord actually put his firearm away and engaged in hand-to-hand fighting rather than shoot him right off the bat.

Sadly, Mr. Jones continued to assault the property owner and he finally resorted to shooting Jones.

Ladies and Gentlemen, while this shoot appears justified, it could have been avoided, had the locksmith or the landlords called the cops immediately. Unless the landowners were a block away, there’s no way that they’re getting there before the police.

You pay your taxes. They’re meant to be used to benefit EVERYBODY, not just the failed progressive lower-crime-through-coddling policies and revolving-door justice we’ve been saddled with for the last 7 years. Police are paid from those taxes and they have volunteered to keep their communities safe. They are also trained in how to check a building (NYPD Officer Liang excepted, of course). Let them do their job.

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