Gun in Apartment Used Against Someone in That Apartment

27 February 2016, Yuma, Arizona

As we hear, over and over and over again from the anti-self-defense mob, a gun in the home will most likely be used to shoot someone in the home.

Well, the progressive anti-gun craving for violence against evil gun owners has again been satisfied.

Thomas Selitto, 48, was having some trouble opening the apartment door around. He banged, and banged on it until, finally, some stranger opened the door for him.

And promptly shot him. Killing him.

Of course, it was late at night, and the apartment wasn’t his. But what does that matter? In today’s civilized society, Mr. Selitto should have been invited in, politely asked to calm down, and perhaps served some tea to await the arrival of the police to take him into custody.

There was no need for the homeowner to inflame the situation by bringing a firearm into the mix. Any right-thinking person knows that it is always better, morally and ethically, to take a few strikes to yourself and wait for the police to show up, rather than to lower yourself to the level of a gun-stroking redneck and shoot your attacker.

Besides, it’s not like just anyone can just pick up a gun and use it for self-defense. Proper use of a firearm takes years and years of training to master and only the police and military get that kind of training.

Just look at NYPDs record of not shooting bystanders in….

Hahahaha, OK. We’re done with trying to “think” like the people who would disarm you just so they can “feel” safe.

The reality of the situation is that Mr. Selitto walked up to a stranger’s apartment and pounded on the door, later in the evening, until the resident finally opened it.

Mr. Selitto rushed in and a scuffle ensued. Finally, the resident was able to disengage and warn Mr. Selitto to leave.

Selitto ignored the warning, and the firearm in the hand of the resident, and attempted to attack again.

The resident shot Mr. Selitto, killing him.

While the resident had the absolute right to defend himself, he violated the cardinal rule of home safety: DO NOT OPEN YOUR DOOR TO UNEXPECTED STRANGERS.

Seriously, most exterior doors are built to take at least a little bit of a pounding. Let it be your barricade against an unwarranted intrusion upon your home. Making them force their own way in leaves a nice evidence trail and permits the police you’ve called a few more minutes to arrive before they’re responding to a murder instead of a justifiable homicide.

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