Burglar Shot, Killed in Texas; Darwin Award Pending

01 March 2016, Houston, Texas

Why a Darwin Award? Because breaking into a house in Texas, reputedly the most heavily legally armed state in the Union, is a pretty stupid thing to do and you don't deserve to pass on your genes if you do it.

We’ll keep this short today. An unidentified burglar was shot and killed in Houston after breaking into an armed resident’s apartment.

The homeowner heard the glass breaking on his front door, armed himself, and investigated. He found the moron in the process of entering his house and subsequently shot him.

We don’t have much to say except that this is the kind of behavior looked down upon by the people who want to disarm you to they can “feel safe”. (By “behavior looked down upon”, we’re talking about the shooting. If they condemned the breaking and entering, that might alienate some of their voter base. Well, the ones who haven’t been caught yet, anyways.)

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