Neighbor Complains After Men Survive Home Invasion

01 March 2016, Fort Pierce, Florida

"That bullet could have hit my daughter's window and killed her."

This complaint, leveled by Tiffany Morley after her neighbor and his friends survived an armed home invasion in their trailer next-door, was included by WPBF in to ensure that the fact that a child MIGHT have been possibly injured if a bullet had gone through two trailers in JUST the right spot at just the right time was not left out because OMG! Kids!

(In other news: School Bus Not Hit by Semi, Children Barely Escape With Their Lives)

According to police, three men burst into the trailer and attempted to rob the men hanging out therein. Unfortunately for the armed morons, one of their intended victims was apparently legally armed and well-versed in shooting under stress.

Specifically, he drew his sidearm, killed one of the attackers, wounded a second, and drove the third out of the trailer; miraculously failing to kill any innocent bystanders.

(We understand that several hard-core anti-self-defense groups are probably upset by that lack of innocent bloodshed. It’s hard to spin something like this to fit their lies if only bad people are shot. It puts paid to their premise that only police or military can properly defend themselves.)

Anyway, there aren’t too many details available on this. It’s Felony Thunderdome: Three Men Enter, One Man Leaves, Innocents Unharmed. The best we can say is that these guys were prepared. If you lived in a trailer park in Fort Pierce, FL, you’d be ready, too.

You’d have your evac kit, hurricane and tornado plans in place, and a dependable sidearm because YOU’RE LIVING IN A TRAILER PARK IN FLORIDA. The jokes write themselves at that point.

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