Judge, Jury, and Executioner; Jewelry Store Owner "Stops Robbery"

08 March 2016, Torrance, California

A California jewelry store owner and gun fetishist has opened fire on a patron to satisfy his need to kill poor people.

The jewelry store owner, Tad Tanino, spent thirty years lying in wait in his popular Torrance jewelry shop, just praying for a human being desperate enough to allow him to display his manhood by taking an innocent human life.

Finally, it happened. A man walked in and allegedly tried to rob Tad at gunpoint. Not bothering to wait for his life to be in any REAL danger, Tad fired first, killing that poor man for the simple crime of not having enough money to pay for the jewelry he wanted.

Didn’t Mr. Tanino understand that? Sometimes rich men like him need to give a little to those who have less. Sadly, his greed and need to kill blinded him to this fact, resulting in the death of the man in his store.

However, Interritus has a different view.

Popular jewelry store owner Tad Tanino has sold baubles and ornamentation to the people of Torrance for the last thirty years. During that time he’s kept his store, paid his taxes, and generally been an upstanding, peaceable citizen.

Now, Mr. Tanino will require therapy and will most likely have to fend off lawsuits after some dick decided to try to rob the jewelry store. Said dick pretended to be a harmless customer and Mr. Tanino buzzed him in to peruse the wares.

Then the aforementioned Phallus-American pulled a gun n Mr. Tanino, forgetting the 3rd law of gunfghting: There is always someone faster than you.

Mr. Tanino placed at least one well-aimed shot into his attacker, eliminating the threat to his own life.

Mr. Tanino has not been charged and is cooperating with the investigation.

Mr. Tanino was prepared and ready. Working in an industry which is routinely targeted for unscheduled, involuntary redistribution of its assets and wealth to those enterprising, but less fortunate individuals in the world, he went about his business quietly and peacefully, hoping he’d never have to use his last resort.

And for thirty years, he never needed it. According to conventional progressive “wisdom”, he shouldn’t have had it all. It wasn’t necessary to the running off his business.

Until it was.

And, just like a fire extinguisher, it went from totally useless to absolutely essential in less time than it takes to dial 9-1-1.

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