Racists Execute Suspected "Murderer" After He Asks for Help

10 March 2016, Vicksburg, Mississippi

Early this morning, alleged murderer Rafael McCloud was gunned down by a pair of wannabe vigilante homeowners. Mr. McCloud was trying to flee from the badge-wearing killers who were hunting him and asked a Vicksburg homeowner to shelter him until the government-hired thugs moved the search elsewhere.

When the southerners refused (probably because Rafael was a black male and anyone who owns guns is, ipso facto, racist) Rafael was forced, by necessity, to insist at knifepoint. These dumb hicks, in a misguided effort to protect themselves and their toddler, continued to vigorously refuse.

But Rafael’s argument for his liberty was stronger than their racism and he prevailed, tying them up and asking the male homeowner to hold his knife for him.

However, the ignorance was strong in the homeowners. Rather than allow Rafael to hide out from the Republican-backed killers who were hunting him and then leave peacefully, as was his intention, they continued to struggle against their bonds. Their determination to deprive Rafael of his right to life and liberty, based only on an ALLEGATION of a crime he may not have committed, won out.

The homeowners worked free of their bonds and shot him with the holy symbols of white racist pride: their guns. Then, instead of trying to help him survive his wounds, they coldly called the cops and hung out with their child while waiting for them to show up; probably telling their child how great guns are for killing minorities.

In the end, a possibly-innocent man was killed for trying to protect himself from killers, police, and man-hunters (all the same thing, really) out for his blood because he was black and accused of killing a white woman with a surreptitiously-obtained personal defense firearm.

Snapping back to reality, escaped murder suspect Rafael McCloud broke into a house in an attempt to flee from the authorities. The home he broke into was occupied by a family with a toddler who resisted his attempt to invade their home at knifepoint.

Sadly for him, given that knot-tying is not one of the skills taught in prisons, the homeowners freed themselves, got to their firearms, and shot him dead. We do hope that they get the reward for his “capture” so that they and their insurance don’t have to foot the bill for the therapy they’ll all need to go through after this man forced them into violence.

This incident is a great example of why an alarm system or dog is great thing to have: They provide early warning of people breaking into things, like your garage. You can then decide to NOT open the door or arm yourself and go investigate.

Your call. But when there are escaped murder suspects on the loose in your area, especially escaped murder suspects with extensive histories of violent crimes, not having your gun on you when you go out is simply inexcusable.

In this case, the homeowners were both tied up after a hard fight inside the house. But they didn’t stop struggling and were able to win free before the escapee could kill them or harm their child.

Keep fighting, even if your fight is simply continuously searching for an opportunity. The fight doesn’t stop until the threat is over.

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