Gun-Totin' Redneck Gets Away With Murder

09 March 2016, Nashville, Tennessee

Francisco Rodriguez, a 21-year-old home possessions relocations technician was brutally gunned down in Nashville after wearing a sock on his hand.

Gun control groups were strangely silent after such a senseless execution and local news, being on the payroll of the gun lobby, played down the senselessness of the murder and the fact that the shooter was not arrested.

Ok. Sure. The tech was in his own home and in bed when he heard a pounding on his window. He shut himself in his bedroom and called 9-1-1. But apparently waiting for the police like any reasonable person was out of the question.

Of course, the above is satire. There are some details missing, but those details are irrelevant to the people who would disarm you in an effort for them to “feel safe”. In their world, the resident did all he needed to do when he called 9-1-1. He was never in any “real” danger, so long as he stayed in his room and let the intruder take whatever he wanted or the police arrived. He really didn’t need the gun at all.

Of course, some of those details we left out are, in reality, very important. Details like the fact that Rodriguez had planned this robbery, as evidenced by the sock used to protect his hand. Details like the fact that he was carrying a firearm and that he went for his firearm after making entry INTO the resident’s bedroom.

It’s strange how the people who would disarm you, the law-abiding citizen, ignore these incidents when they happen. No big hoopla, no national level news story, nothing to bring to mind that firearms are morally neutral; their user determining whether they are used for good or evil.

Every effort is made, however, to suppress the Obama Administration’s own study showing the extensive successful defensive gun uses every year in our great nation. Every effort is made to prevent the knowledge of the lowering crime rates, rising gun ownership rates, and lessening of prosecutions of victims who defend themselves.

In this case, we can be reasonably sure that suppression will be at a maximum, as this lawful gun owner did EVERYTHING that the Brady Campaign, Mom’s Demand Action for Gun Sense in American, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, and every other gun-confiscation…err…gun-control…wait…”gun-safety” organization wants you to do:

Announce to the intruder that the home is occupied? Check!

Retreat to a safe location/furthest point away from intruder? Check!

Call 9-1-1 and inform the intruder of this? Check!

Cower in fear, praying that the intruder doesn’t hurt you too badly because the police STILL aren’t there? No Check!

What the “gun-safety” organizations fail to mention, aside from the over 50,000 self-defense gun uses, is that sometimes it’s not enough. When your assailant follows you, enters what should be your safe room, and reaches for his own firearm, then “good intentions” are not enough.

This victim did everything right, and if he hadn’t been armed, this would be a murder investigation. But that doesn’t matter to some. The rightness of their cause would have justified the resident’s death.

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