War on Mentally Ill Continues as Man Brutally Executed at 7-11 Near Seattle

13 March 2016, White Center, Washington

Whatever happened to the good old days when the man with the gun was the villain? We here at the totally-not-made-up gun-safety group, the Organization Seeking To Restrict Illegality Caused by Handguns (O.S.T.R.I.C.H.), decry the unwarranted execution of a mentally disturbed person at the hands of yet another wannabe James Bond with a state-issued License to Kill.

Today’s victim in the war on the mentally ill had a little episode inside a 7-11, waving a gardening implement around and generally causing a ruckus. Instead of everyone remaining calm and trying to talk him down or keep him somewhat calm and contained until the professionals could arrive, some firearm-fondling fetishist took matters into his own hands and brutally murdered the poor man.

To add insult to fatal injury, the killer was released with no charges and, mind-blowingly, a verbal high-five from King County Sherriff’s office, “…the shooter is shaken up but, from everything that we see right now from the scene, there’s no wrongdoing in this case,” said King County Deputy Sheriff Sgt Cindi West, “In fact, he probably saved a life in this case.”

Obviously she forgot about the life taken at the same time. A man who didn’t deserve to die just because he swung a hand-tool at some people. He managed to barely cut all of ONE person, a clerk, before his right to life was taken from him by a meddling wanna-be tough guy.

And don’t even get us started on the infinite numbers of innocents h might have hit or the fact that his gun may have been taken from him and used against him, as should always happen when people try to defend themselves from violent criminals without waiting for the police.

A successful armed self-defense is so rare, it will only inspire others to try and fail.

Well, if the police have the shooters gun as evidence, then perhaps the shooter can be nailed under I-594 for conducting some kind of unlawful transfer. If it just gets him off the streets before he kills again, we’ll be happy.

Of course, you all know that this isn’t the full story. It never is. It’s just that part of the story which would make you feel really bad for the deceased and conjure up in your mind the picture of a mid-thirties, balding, paunchy, Caucasian male wearing camouflage and a Trump hat, gunning down some small, innocent person in the middle of an anxiety attack.

It’s a compelling image, repeated throughout the gun-confiscation world as the platonic image of American gun owners.

And it’s wrong. Dead wrong.

In this case, the shooter was, as is usual with these things, minding his own business, sipping a cup of 7-11 Coffee (does it come in a Big Gulp size?), and generally living the life of a 60-year-old man in a blue-collar Seattle suburb.

And then a masked man walked in and, saying nothing, started laying about him with a hatchet. He took a swing at the unnamed 60-year-old before turning his unexplained rage on the clerk, 58-year-old Kuldeep Singh, cutting his belly.

Fortunately for Kuldeep, the unnamed hero was a firm believer in armed self-defense. As the attacker was engaged in venting his indefatigable spleen on the clerk, our hero drew, aimed, and opened fire, striking the assailant at least once, killing him.

We can’t really say much about this from a tactical standpoint. Good guy was minding his own business, bad guy disrupted good guy’s morning with lethal violence, good guy ended threat before innocent life was lost. End of story.

At least until we see the security tapes in detail

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