CA Homeowner Opens Fire in Sister's Bedroom

15 March 2016, Ontario, California

Gun in the home are dangerous. A new shooting in Ontario, California is proof positive of that after a man was seriously injured in an entirely preventable shooting.

According to the press reports, while the entire, killer Corral family were pumping Jose Andres Alfaro Chavez full of lead, the police were already on their way and, in fact, showed up shortly after the last shot was fired.

The reports are also unclear as to why the family didn’t simply shelter in place and allow the man to simply take what he needed. There was nothing in the house worth shooting a man over.

Well, that’s not quite the truth.

In this morning’s incident, Mr. Alfaro had let himself into the house (yes, forcefully) and proceeded to the homeowner’s sitster’s room. She awoke to find him there and screamed. The homeowner, Arthur Corral, led the charge into his sister’s room and found the suspect inside.

In an attempt to be merciful, Mr. Corral held the suspect at gunpoint, ordering him to the ground. Alfaro refused to comply and was shot 3 times during his resistance. The police, ever on-time, showed up immediately afterwards.

The homeowner is cooperating with police and no charges are expected, other than those to be levelled at Mr. Alfaro.

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