"Thief" Killed by Murderous FL Homeowner

15 March 2016, Tampa, Florida

The same day that little Travon Johnson of Miami was executed for the crime of trying to get money for school clothes, 37-year-old Lanny Marler II was shot in Tampa for a similar reason.

There’s no outpouring of grief for Mr. Marler, though. The media aren’t having any of his story and it bothers us.

Mr. Marler died in pursuit of similar objectives: free stuff and easy money. The difference is that he was still inside the house and tiny Travon was shot during a confrontation with the homeowner as he tried to make his getaway.

Mr. Marler broke in the back door of Christopher Solomon’s home just after noon, expecting that Mr. Solomon’s elderly mother, Eleanor, would be home alone and ripe for the robbing. Instead, Christopher was upstairs.

On hearing the commotion downstairs, Mr. Solomon armed himself and found Mr. Marler standing in the kitchen.

Now, common sense tells us that a man who has used force to enter your home uninvited is there for no good. Heck, he’s already committed a violent crime just to get in. Is he really going to quail at a little light assault or battery? Doubtful.

Mr. Solomon opened fire, putting the intruder down.

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