Vigilante Shoots, Wounds MD Man

18 March 2016, Parkville, Maryland

Maryland law enforcement officials are baffled as to how a vigilante was able to usurp police prerogative and defend himself from a home invasion early this morning. According to progressive logic, a lawfully armed civilian should not be able to stop a determined attacker.

According to mystified police officials, the vigilante claims that the man kicked down his door and, while moving from room to room, the intruder kept shouting, “I’m in your house, I’m coming to get you!”

Strangely, the homeowner claimed to be in fear for his life, even though he was behind his locked bedroom door. According to liberal logic, the intruder should have taken whatever he could have from the rest of the house and then left before police could arrive. Instead, the alleged intruder continued to the man’s bedroom door and kicked it down.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we’re sure that the homeowner thought he was justified in attempting to murder the intruder, but was he really? There’s no mention of the intruder having any kind of weapon. What if he just wanted all of the man’s money and the valuables which are normally kept in a bedroom? Did he really deserve to die?

What if this was the intruder’s only way of getting money for school clothes? He should not have been shot, simply for being poor.

Ok. That’s as far as we can go with progressive crime theories today.

The intruder was damned lucky and that’s all there is to it. He used force to enter an occupied residence. He moved through the residence, shouting threats until he reached the homeowner’s barricaded position. He assaulted the homeowner’s barricade, kicking it down and attempted to enter the homeowner’s “safe area”. He deserved every bit of lead that he received and was lucky to have survived.

The homeowner is also lucky. Generally, when you use a firearm to defend yourself in the state of Maryland, the State’s Attorney does his or her level best to ensure that you receive as harsh a punishment as possible.

Why? Because, according to the “logic” employed by the multitude of blue politicians there, guns are evil, regardless of the use to which they are put and therefore anyone who uses a gun is also evil.

In this case, however, the homeowner did his utmost to prevent the loss of life and to prevent having to use his firearm. Ultimately, he failed, but we wish him the best and hope that his criminal defense fees aren’t too high once the state gets around to charging him with the Progressive crime of self-defense.

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