"Lawful" Gun Owner Executes Unarmed Man in Texas

19 March 2016, Floresville, Texas

Unarmed 43-year-old Roberto Sauceda was gunned down by 65-year-old wannabe-Rambo Kevin Vest after Sauceda mistakenly entered Mr. Vest’s apartment.

Mr. Vest, another one of Texas’ racist gun-owners/killers, woke to find Roberto in the living room of his apartment, located at the back of the store he owns in Floresville. Instead of leaving, like any civilized person, and allowing Mr. Sauceda to take what he felt he needed, Mr. Bigshot-FatCat-Business-Owner decided to be the big hero and shoot a poor, defenseless, unarmed man in the chest.

Texas Rangers, another set of racist government stooges, have been called in to “investigate” but short of a federal probe from the Justice Department, there will be no peace for Mr. Sauceda as Mr. Vest will be allowed his liberty, free to kill again if another unarmed “robber” strikes.

Ok, no, not really. But at least this time, we made it all the way through the story before we could no longer “Think Progressive”.

What is left out of our “Progressive” version are any bits of the story which may cause a reader to think that the morally-neutral firearm in the story may have been a good thing.

In this case, Mr. Sauceda had just been released after breaking into Mr. Vests apartment TWO DAYS PRIOR.

Further, Mr. Vest did not simply open fire. He gave Mr. Sauceda multiple chances to leave and engaged in hand-to-hand fighting with the drug-addled Sauceda before finally resorting to deadly force.

We would also like to point out that Mr. Vest was under no obligation to retreat from, or offer escape to, a violent criminal in his own home, nor did he have any duty to ascertain whether the drug-addict in question was armed. The fact that he had already used force against Mr. Vest’s dwelling and vehicle on the 17th and his last deliberate entry into Mr. Vest’s premises should be prima fascia evidence of hostile intent.

Then there’s the physical reality. Mr. Sauceda was two decades younger than the man he attacked. Please read that again: Mr. Sauceda, 43, physically assaulted Mr. Vest, 65, a senior citizen, during an attack on Mr. Vest in Mr. Vest's own home, after refusing a proffered escape route.

We are not sure, but we would probably not want to live in a world where a senior citizen can be assailed in his own home and then go to jail for defending himself.

Assuredly, Mr. Vest, is thankful that this isn’t California, New York, Chicago (Yes, Chicago’s a city, but it may as well be its own state for all the resemblance it bears to the rest of Illinois) or any of the other places where self-defense is a de-facto crime.

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