BREAKING NEWS: "Responsible" Gun-Owner/Mother Opens Fire, Narrowly Avoids Killing Her Chil

24 March 2016, Indianapolis, Indiana

This just in: An Indianapolis woman will probably not be charged even though she repeatedly endangered her child’s life today when she decided that her baby’s bedroom would be a great place to pop off a few rounds.

This woman’s conduct was inexcusable. There was a CHILD in the house and she felt it appropriate to just open fire, willy-nilly? What if she’d shot towards the baby? She might have hit it!

If there had been an intruder, they would have taken the gun from the mom and THEY may have shot the mother AND the baby! Does NOBODY think about these things that Might have happened?

And so what if there was an uninvited person in the house? The mother should have simply run away! There is NO excuse for putting a BABY at risk just so she can satisfy her desire to shoot someone.

Even if she couldn’t have gotten out, it’s not like the man breaking in really wanted HER for anything. At most, he was a poor addict looking for something he could sell to get his next fix.

So, once again, we have a tale that would appear to be right up Gun Control, Inc.’s alley: A stupid, morally reprehensible gun owner, the discharge of a firearm, and a sweet, innocent little baby being put into mortal danger by said gun owner.


That’s not at all what happened and is EXACTLY why you won’t see this on the news. Heck, there are people on the Gun-Confiscation (Australian-style “gun control”) side of the argument who are probably genuinely disappointed that this woman wasn’t killed for having the temerity to defend herself.

According to their thinking, mother and child should have been sacrificed on the altar of social utility. If we could only ban all the evil, racist, lawfully-owned handguns, then Mom would not have been armed and...neither would the intruder?

Bullshit. He would still have been armed. If you magically made all the guns in America disappear overnight, this mother and her child would still have been injured or killed by their knife-/blunt object-/personal weapon-wielding attacker.

But because mama bear WAS armed, Moms Demand Action, the Brady Campaign to Confiscate Lawful Tools of Self-Defense,, and other wholly-owned subsidiaries of Mayor Michael "I know what's best for you" Bloomberg, as well as other Astro-turf groups are left in the position of calling this a positive gun use or coming right out and saying that it's not really about making people safer at all.

Which do you think will happen? (Hint: This story won't make national news. Better no news than yet another positive gun use amongst the 50,000 or so that happen every year.)

According to police, the woman and her baby were at home, minding their own business. The mother heard someone break a window in her child’s bedroom and armed herself. The intruder exited the baby’s room and took a shot at the mom. She returned fire.

(NB: This is the SECOND attempt at a break-in at this address in less than a month.)

The difference between the two being that the mother, defending her home and her child from an armed intruder, was much more accurate than her attacker; putting multiple rounds on target and sending him to the hospital.

“But,” we hear you cry out in NewThink, “it was just a burglary, why didn’t she simply let him take what he wanted and leave? Most burglars have no intention to harm their victims. He probably shot at her out of surprise!”

Well, what we’ve not yet told you is what ELSE the intruder was carrying. On his person, in addition to a handgun, were zip-ties and a walkie-talkie.

Let’s think about that for a moment, shall we? What does this tell us? It tells us here at Interritus that this was not a random incident. This was planned and coordinated.

Zip ties don’t help you carry stuff away, they help you tie people up.

The walkie-talkie is especially distressing to us. This man was coordinating with someone who is still out there.

Perhaps the fact that she didn’t kill the mangy animal breaking into her house is a good thing. He can be questioned by the police until he breaks and gives up his accomplice.

Please remember to train regularly with your defensive arms. Do it for the children!

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