California Gun Owner Fails to Stop What Should Have Been A(nother) Mass Shooting

25 March 2016, Los Angeles, California

Another conservative lie has been put to bed today. That whole, “only a gun owner can stop a shooter” business has been demonstrated false; in California, no less.

A man opened fire at a popular taco truck in south LA, killing one man and sending everyone else diving for cover.

Per the NRA, only another gun owner can stop such a rampage and another gun owner was there and had his gun drawn, fully capable of stopping the man pulling the trigger.

He didn’t. The gun owner was, instead, shot and killed.

Police detained two men as part of their investigation, one of whom may have been the shooter, but no arrests have yet been made.

Sounds like a little slice of hell, doesn’t it. But this is just another way to write up a simple self-defense story to make it sound as bad as possible. Although no major media outlet would ever slant a story so badly, would they?

What had happened was:

Primo’s Tacos pulled up to their customary late-night spot in southern Los Angeles. Everything was going smoothly as they slung tacos and burritos to their usually hungry crowd of partiers.

Then three men walked up. One of them pulled a handgun and demanded money (also, possibly: tacos).

And then it all went wrong. This particular taco truck has been robbed before and at least one of the employees had decided that that was all the guff he’d take. The employee drew his own sidearm and placed accurate fire on his assailant, killing him.

The LAPD Lieutenant on-scene, in a rare fit of honesty said, ”Right now it looks like the employee was acting in self-defense to protect himself and the other employee of the taco stand.”

Nevertheless, per the unwritten code of progressivism, the two employees continue in “detention” until authorities can find something to charge them with. Initiative, self-reliance, and self-defense CANNOT go unpunished.

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