Georgia Teen Shot by Father

11 March 2016, DeKalb County, Georgia

Again, a young, misguided teenager has been executed for a minor error in judgement.

The teen was one of a group of four who were outside, playing, when they accidentally enetered the wrong house.

According to authorities, the shoot-first-ask-questions-later resident felt threatened and decided to risk his life and the life of his four-year-old, who was also home, in a vain attempt to justify his possession of a firearm in the house with his child.

And what do we have to show for this “brave” stance? A dead child, friends of the dead child scarred forever, and a toddler in need of hearing aids and psychiatric help after witnessing a brutal gun-murder at the hands of his swaggering father.

Good job, dude.

Once more into the void of cognitive dissonance that is progressive gun-confiscation politics we go.

According to police, the man was home with his child when a group of strangers knocked on his door. Not being familiar with the protocols for an unexpected knock at the door, the man employed the Progressive-approved Run-Hide-Fight protocol and quietly took his child upstairs, hoping they would simply go away.

The strangers, a group of four teenagers on a day off from school (teacher in-service), took the lack of a response as an open invitation to come on in.

Why? Who knows, maybe there’s a small subset of Americans who are taught that a locked door and no response to a knock is the standard way of saying, “Please come in and take/damage my home and goods.”

Or they could have simply been four hoods out looking to scrounge up some easily re-sellable items in order to buy their school clothes. Who knows?

Regardless, they kicked the door in and started ransacking the house. The father armed himself, grabbed his child, and then he and his toddler hid in the bedroom closet, hoping that the attackers would take what they wanted and leave.

They did not. Working their way through the house, the young adults entered the bedroom and one of them opened the closet in search of valuables. Instead, he found a man, a small child, and the end of his life of crime.

The other teenagers fled and are now in custody.

We’ve said it before, and we’re sure we’ll say it more: You do not have to open the door to respond to a knock. Staying silent gives the impression that nobody’s home. Most of these home invasions start out intended to be breaking and entering/burglary, but then the burglars encounter a homeowner and it becomes something worse.

Does this mean that we are upset that burglars keep getting shot? No. These individuals made the conscious decision to forcefully enter another person’s dwelling. The resident is (or in the case of states where criminals deserve a “sporting chance”, should be) under no compulsion to give a home invader any warning and no compulsion to try to ascertain the reason for a home invader’s entry.

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