Chattanooga Teen Shot, Killed by Craigslist Ad Responder

26 March 2016, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Caveat Emptor? Not this time.

Joshua Smith, 30, ignored the corollary principle of Caveat Craigslistor and it nearly cost him his life. Mr. Smith went in search of a date on Craigslist and was returning to the Hamill Pointe Apartment Complex with her when Steve Hurston, 19, came out from the darkness surrounding the unnamed woman’s duplex, pointed a gun at Mr. Smith, and demanded cash.

Mr. Smith refused. Instead, he drew his own firearm and shot Mr. Hurston, killing him.

Police have not yet confirmed or negated the woman’s involvement in the robbery, which indicates to us that they believe she may have been connected to Mr. Hurston as yet another Craigslist-based crime scheme.

Sadly for Mr. Hurston, his plan failed. His attempt to get some money for school clothes was thwarted by yet another person committed to armed self-defense.

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