Shopkeeper "In Fear for Her Life" Unloads on Youth for "Behaving Strangely"

24 March 2016, Buda, Texas

A trigger-happy store owner is lucky to have not taken a life after opening fire in her store. Police say that she “felt threatened” by a young man who walked in and began “behaving oddly”.

Always a good excuse to cap someone in Texas, right?

Fortunately, the man was not hit and will be able to continue to provide for his family and buy school clothes.

Those of you who are familiar with this blog know that we don’t stop with our projection of the progressive liberal interpretation of events. We’ll give you the unadorned facts.

And the facts are that an inoffensive store clerk was minding her own business (pun) in Rosales Store when a young man in search of easy money walked in and pointed a gun at her.

Now, when these issues are discussed in liberal circles, you get about two comments down the page and you get at least one moron chiming in about how she got lucky this time, but she could just as easily have had her gun taken from her and used against her.

Or, our favorite: that she didn’t need to engage in violence. That if she’d just handed over the money, everyone would have come out OK.

Instead, she had the rational, reasonable answer to a threat to her life: She opened fire.

And that’s the point we’re trying to make today; that you, the law-abiding gun owner, the quiet, inoffensive, non-confrontational, are not required to read your assailant’s mind. A pointed gun says one thing to the person at whom it’s pointed. It says, “I am going to kill you.”

Whether the person pointing the gun at you actually intends to kill you is, in most jurisdictions, completely irrelevant. If you are in a place where you have every right to be, going about your lawful business, and someone walks up to you and points a gun at you, if that person is not identified law enforcement then you have every right to take whatever steps are reasonable and lawful to defend yourself.

Sometimes that’s running. Sometimes, it’s complying with your attacker’s demands. Sometimes it’s pulling your own firearm and killing, wounding, or scaring your attacker.

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