Shots Fired at Chicago School

31 March 2016, William C. Goudy Elementary School, Chicago, Illinois

One adult was killed during what could have become a mass-shooting at William C. Goudy Technology Academy, a Pre-K through 8th Grade public school located in uptown Chicago.

According to police, the gunshots were fired during a robbery gone wrong. The police have the name of the shooter, as well as his associate.

Sounds pretty bad, doesn’t it? Gunshots ringing out at yet another school shooting in America? But of course, there’s more to the story.

This shooting happened at 10:30 PM. There were no students present.

The shooting took place on the street in front of the school. Not technically on school property, but close enough that it will be counted in school-shooting statistics.

And the gun-totin’ redneck who opened fire, spraying bullets all over the place? He was the victim in this.

According to police, the victim and his friend, both 23, were unloading items from their vehicle, possibly to carry them into one of the many apartments across the street when a stranger approached them, pulled a gun on them, and demanded their valuables.

The stranger, 28, was taking the wallet and cell phone of one victim, when the other pulled his own firearm and shot the assailant. The attacker, out on parole for a previous armed robbery conviction, was shot and died at the hospital.

Now, we’ll admit that there are a lot of unknowns to this story. Specifically: was the victim carrying lawfully? What were these guys unloading? Did they have lawful business at that location?

How about the attacker? With such strict gun laws in Chicago, how could he have gotten a gun, to begin with? From which gun shop did he purchase that weapon and ammo? Didn’t he know that possession of a firearm by a felon is…a felony? How about armed robbery? That’s a crime, too. Didn’t the attacker know that? One would think so, given that he had already been convicted of it once.

But it wasn’t his fault that he got shot. He was just another desperate man trying to make a living in an uncaring city. Which is odd to us, as Chicago is one of the most Progressive cities in the country, with the high-tax rates, high-poverty rates, and high crime rates that come with it. Where are the social services that this man so desperately needed?

It’s not like anyone would CHOOSE a life of crime over trying to make an honest living. Especially when such a progressive city’s policies must be successful in re-integrating such disadvantaged persons into society.

However, based on the fact that this shooting took place in Chicago and that more specifics about the victims (criminal record, unlawfully carried firearm, etc…) were not included in ANY of the news reports, this may very well be yet another armed self-defense incident in the Progressive Utopia that is Chicago.

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