Gun Control Advocates Rejoice: Open Carrier Targeted During Fatal Shooting Incident

05 April 2016, Mandeville, Louisiana

It started out as just another racist tirade in the swamps of Louisiana; where yet another hick was abusing a minority clerk at a shell station. But a gun-totin’ coward felt it necessary to step in and prove his manliness by waving his phallus…err…gun around.

The result? A man is dead over a packet of chips and some ego and his killer walks free. Free to brag to his redneck moron friends about his big adventure in killing an emotionally unbalanced person.

On the upside, a racist is dead; killed by another racist with a tool of evil which has no place in society and which will hopefully be destroyed after the investigation closes; a fact that true Progressives the world over can enjoy without remorse.

Of course, this is just one version of looking at things based on some of the remarks we’ve seen from gun control proponents in similar situations. It’s not really about preventing loss of life, it’s about control and power and some of these guys don’t feel comfortable with the fact that their chosen saviors don’t have an absolute monopoly on the use of lethal force.

In reality, the shooter in this situation did just about everything a law-abiding citizen SHOULD do.

Persuade much-larger, violent, emotionally disturbed person to depart store? Check.

Get license plate number for police to follow-up with violent, emotionally-disturbed person? Check.

And that should have been the end of it. But apparently our Stage IV Violent, Undirected Madman decided that he didn’t want his contact data distributed to the local authorities, who were already on their way.

So, the drama continued. The assailant (for such he was and continued to be), Shawn Breland, exited his white mini-van and went after the shooter who, at this point STILL had his .40 in the holster.

On seeing the assailant coming back at him the shooter drew his sidearm and retreated back into the store.

Hmm. Retreat? Sounds like a man just ITCHING to prove his manhood by shooting someone, doesn’t it.

Breland backed the shooter into a corner, all the while seeing the gun in his hand and hearing the shooter repeatedly warn that Breland would be shot if he didn’t stop his attack.

Breland failed to heed the warning and the man shot him, once, in the midsection.

Breland ignored that, too.

The shooter, faced with a continued threat, shot Breland two more times and stopped the attack.

So, let’s continue our checklist:

Retreated in the face of attack? Check.

Continued retreating, displaying firearm and warning your assailant that you’d shoot? Check!

Fired one, single shot in the hopes of disabling your much-larger attacker? Yup.

Observed the failure of the mythic one-shot-stop? Also Yup.

Ended the threat with two more shots? Sadly, yes.

Our shooter behaved as lawfully as possible, giving Breland every chance to break off his attack.

The only thing that we can even remotely fault him for is going outside to get the license plate number. And then, only because it caused Breland to change his mind.

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