Indigent Man Shot by Corporate Hack

09 April 2016, Jacksonville, Florida

Not one more time.

Such is the refrain used by well-intentioned, patriotic, Americans doing their best to ensure that the streets are free of the tools of evil known as guns. Striving to ensure that you, the average Joe, can live free of the scourge of violence caused by firearms and that you, the average Joe, have no use for, nor access to tools whose only purpose in this world is to end innocent life.

Yet one more time, gun violence erupted in a near-successful slaughter in a Metro PCS store in Jacksonville, sending one person to the hospital and failing to kill or wound any bystanders.

It happened when a financially-challenged-American made what should have been a perfectly simple demand for a redistribution of corporate wealth which was initially refused by the corporate toady behind the counter. However, the in-need person repeated his request and made a mild threat of violence towards the lackey and the big-telecom shill capitulated, handing over the cash.

Sadly, the industrial-strength lackey still “felt threatened” by the presence of a poor person in his store, so he drew is gun and opened fire. Wounding Thomas Joyner to the point where he was required to seek medical attention. Further bullets sprayed a parking lot and a restaurant, yet the corporate henchman walks free.

When will Americans learn that guns can’t solve our problems and that the usurpation of the state’s monopoly on violence by old, fat, white guys is immoral and their use of firearms against violent felons (the majority of whom are poor and in need of financial assistance which should be given willingly, but by force if necessary) is classist and therefore also wrong. Guns only belong in the hands of police and the military, and then only if they can show that they really need them.

How else will an officer know who the bad guy is? Right now, they can’t know and so have to take a few seconds to determine who the bad guys is. If we could just confiscate all the privately held guns, then the police could confidently shoot anyone they see with a gun who isn’t wearing a uniform; confident that their target is a criminal who got their gun from an illegal source, such as a smuggler or an anti-gun Democratic Party Member.


In reality, what happened at the Metro PCS store is what happens thousands of times across America: a violent felon walked into an establishment with the intention of robing the joint, waving a gun around, and threatening violence against the staff.

The staff member behind the register acceded to Mr. Joyner’s demand for the money from the register. However, it appears that the clerk in question still felt threatened.

This is not without cause as a simple Google search turns up a number of violent robberies of various cellular vendor stores with nigh-uniformly violent results.

So, while the robber was distracted by his phat stacks, the clerk drew his own weapon and opened fire, seemingly missing his first two shots.

Mr. Joyner, a felon in the middle of the commission of a violent felony, returned fire, also missing, but eventually receiving at least one round requiring him to flee and seek hospitalization.

Now, what went wrong here? A lot of things, actually. The biggest is that the clerk missed a shot or two (the report isn’t clear on who fired how many). He will be held responsible for the shots of his that struck something.

Given the setup of most of these stores, it is likely that his rounds are the ones which landed in the parking lot where they may very well have hurt someone.

Our point? Rule 5: Be aware of your bullet, your backstop, and beyond. In a storefront type setting, opening fire on an assailant usually means that you’re shooting towards the glass at the front of the store. Which means that if you miss, your backstop isn’t stopping crap. While the attacker’s backstop is usually a storage area or back room of some kind.

You MUST train to reduce the likelihood of a miss. If you would bear arms for your defense, you cannot neglect your responsibility to ensure accurate hits.

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