Innocent Teen Shot by Redneck Gun-Fetishist

11 April 2016, New Orleans, Louisiana

Craig Adams, 19, (not pictured) had an idea. That idea was to commit an armed robbery.

His brilliant variation? Commit a carjacking-style assault while his victim was using an ATM. The victim, being distracted, would be easy pickings.

But it didn’t turn out that way. The criminal mastermind failed to account for the fact that he was in a state in which armed self-defense isn’t a crime. As Mr. Adams, Criminal Genius, attempted to open the driver’s-side door, the driver drew his sidearm and shot Adams.


Yet another gun use of a type that supposedly never happens in America.

It’s funny how often that happens.

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#NewOrleans #Louisiana #carjacking #armedrobbery #youareyourownfirstresponder #standyourground

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