Another Innocent Teen Shot Down by Redneck

16 April 2016, Birmingham, Alabama

An innocent 16-year-old (not pictured) was mercilessly gunned down while earning money for school clothes in Alabama.

A paranoid, right-wing, nut-job homeowner returned to his house in the afternoon to find the sweet, young, child innocently departing the homeowner’s residence with some of the homeowner’s excess goods; which were sorely in need of redistribution to those less fortunate.

Sadly, the gun-owner’s fear of a tiny child got the best of him and he opened fire, wounding the innocent son of some poor mother as he was trying his best to get some spending money. The teen was taken to the hospital.

Or, as we would put it here in reality:

A teenaged punk got shot burgling a home after the homeowner returned and objected to having his property redistributed against his will. Hopefully, the teen will take his non-life-threatening injuries as a lesson to be learned.

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#Birmingham #Alabama #childshot #equitableredistributionofwealth #youareyourownfirstresponder

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