Domestic Violence Shooting Proves Fatal; Shooter Not Charged

26 April 2016, Citronelle, Alabama

Michael Bloomberg, his bought-and-paid-for subsidiaries such as Moms Demand Action (for Gun Sense in America), Everytown for Gun Safety, and The Johns-Hopkins Bloomberg School, and his wholly-owned anti-gun propaganda “newspaper” The Trace, are going to be very upset. After fear-mongering to the ostriches of America that having a gun in the home for any reason is absolutely not safe for women, some woman goes and proves that to be, shall we say, less than the whole truth.

In this case, there was a domestic violence incident around 3 AM. If you’ve seen any episode of COPS, you know how it goes down: emotions run high and someone starts punching.

In this case, a 51-year-old woman (not pictured) finally had enough of the punching, the bruises, the internal injuries, the violence. So she fought back, shooting her 67-year-old husband and killing him.

Police have declined to press charges, however, the Mobile County DA may still decide to indict for her heinous crime of self-defense.

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