Alabama Man Shot After Child Finds Loaded Gun

27 April 2016, Talladega, Alabama

Well, it’s happened again. When will the gun crazies learn that children and guns DO NOT MIX!

This time, an 11-year-old CHILD was left at home, ALONE, in the presence of an unsecured GUN. After finding the gun, the child began aiming it around and, unbelievably, began firing it!

His first 11 shots failed to find the human flesh they seek.

(By the way: yes, you read that correctly. Not only was he home ALONE WITH A GUN, it was an extra-deadly, ultra-high capacity .9mm, capable of firing 12 shots of hot, leaded, Republican semen substitute.)

The 12th shot found the flesh conservatives hunger for: a Talladega man who had dropped by to do his neighbors an unasked-for favor. On his way out, the unnamed Good Samaritan was talking to the young boy while carrying a basket of dirty laundry downstairs to take back to his place and clean, when the 12th shot ripped into the flesh of his leg.

When authorities arrived, they had the unnamed victim transported to the hospital and are waiting to talk to him after his release. We can only hope that they will have enough evidence to convict; as the parents have not even been charged yet, much less arrested.

Wow. That’s pretty tough story. Some poor schmuck in the wrong place at the wrong time, just trying to do his neighbor’s a solid.

Or so you think. All the above proves it that any story can be spun for evil.

In reality, Chris Gaithers, 11, was being homeschooled and was doing his homework (in being a stone-cold badass) while his mom or dad was out running an errand. Eventually, he detected that someone had entered his house and was upstairs.

Taking a logical precaution, the 11-year-old armed himself just before being confronted by a stranger who was walking down the stairs, carrying a laundry hamper, and threatening the boy with death.

Now, if we were in our home and a stranger appeared from our upstairs to threaten our lives, we would be sorely pressed indeed to refrain from putting a round or two into the intruder.

Now, to be fair, Chris’ family has been somewhat remiss in educating their son on the dangers of guns. It took Chris 12 shots to hit his attacker. 11 shots went somewhere other than the intended target and that’s bad. But the 12th went through the hamper and hit the criminal in the leg as he was trying to make his escape. Apparently, this criminal was not used to the hot, searing pain of karma entering him at 1800fps and, according to Chris, “Cried like a baby.”

Still, Chris is 11, his aim will improve.

We raise a glass (of soda) to this hardcore homeschooler and hope that his parents get him the counseling he will need after this event; preferably at the expense of whatever remains of the criminal’s assets.

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