B&E Becomes Robbery, Shots Fired, Shooter Free to Keep Tokin'

10 April 2016, Guntersville, Alabama

As much as Progressives are trying to make the world safer for it, somedays it still doesn’t pay to be a felon.

Olanda Carday Watkins, 25, decided that the best idea ON THE PLANET would to assail the Toke Restaurant in Guntersville, Alabama by hurling a brick through the window as a prelude to burgling the pla….

Wait. Alabama? One would think that a restaurant named “Toke” would have been established in someplace like Boulder or Berkely. Of course, with the recent spate of illegal legalizations in those places, it would most likely be named “Inhale” and spun off to a second restaurant, “Inhale 2: With a Vengeance”.

Anyway, back to the story. Mr. Watkins hurled a brick through the window of the hippily-named establishment and tried to burgle the place. Sadly, his burglary became a robbery when Watkins’ reconnaissance turned out to be faulty: The restaurant was still occupied by staff.

One of the employees drew his personal sidearm and fired at Mr. Watkins, missing him but driving him off.

Update: 18 April 2016

In a display of police efficiency, it only took eight days to locate Mr. Watkins. Police used video footage from the store surveillance video to identify him and bring him to justice.

While this is all very nice; that they finally caught him. Out issue is that the police were eight days late to stop the crime in the first place.

According to the people who would see you left defenseless (Flaming Anti-Gun Progressives and the criminals they seek to protect) the employee should have been jailed for using a gun in self-defense.

These well-meaning, but moronic people believe that only police and the military should have firearms. Which, in theory, would be great if the police and military were everywhere and could actually do something about crimes when they happen.

Instead, you have to be your own first responder. The alternative, strangely, is something that the hippies of America are both railing against as well as supporting: A police state.

The hypocrisy of their position is that they cry out for more police to be in more places, but then turn right around and bitch about the fact that those same police are arresting them for the crimes they commit.

If only the police would leave them alone and arrest the real criminals, right? Conservatives, and gun owners, and law-abiding citizens.

Not pot-smokers and rioters who just need space to express themselves.

Baltimore tried that. How many city blocks burned? Good job, Madame Mayor.

Ulimately, our point is that the only person who is responsible for your safety and security is YOU.

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