GA Gun Criminal Not Arrested After Fatal Shooting; Will Be Evicted

08 April 2016, College Park, Fulton County, Georgia

A paranoid gun-fetishist living in a converted garage apartment in Fulton County, Georgia opened fire on three men, killing Columbus, GA resident Marquis Jackson (not pictured) and sending his two friends fleeing for their lives and into hiding. The tenant claims it was a home invasion.

WSB-TV2 Action News Team reporter Audrey Washington made an attempt to find someone who would speak out against the gun-loving tenant, but nobody would talk. The homeowner was so afraid of her tenant that she felt that she had to go on record as stating that though she may not permit the tenant to renew his lease, she felt he was “protecting himself.”

Even the police were too scared to talk about the firearm-fondling whack-job. When asked if the tenant would be charged with the killing, Lt. Scott McBride would only say that, “We have to look at all the physical evidence and put all the pieces of the puzzle together and at that point we’ll have a clear understanding of what happened and at that point we’ll make a decision on charges.”

Sadly, Audrey Washington could find nobody willing to speak out publicly about the obvious danger this man posed to the rest of the house, the neighbors and, obviously, anyone who even taps gently at his door.

The police are looking for the other two men. Maybe then charges will be filed against the tenant for his attempted triple homicide.


That’s one way to look at it.

Another way to look at it is that a man was at home in his apartment when Marquis Jackson and two of his friends decided to conduct a home-invasion-style robbery there.

Their plan depended on achieving absolute surprise. They didn’t.

The tenant was awake and, living where he did, armed. On the door bursting open, the tenant responded immediately; calling 9-1-1 and waiting for the police to arrive.

We’re kidding. Knowing that the police require time to respond to even the most dire of calls even in well-to-do neighborhoods, the tenant became his own first responder. Instead of cowering in a corner and waiting to be killed, he opened fire; turning an armed home invasion into a rout.

The biggest downside, at least as far as statistics are concerned? Mr. Jackson and his buddies will now be listed as “Victims of Gun Violence” by every head-in-the-sand progressive pushing a confiscation agenda.

The real big downsides? 1. The Tenant may have to move. 2. Even a local news reporter can’t seem to stop herself from pushing a pro-gun-control story in the middle of a clear-cut case of self-defense.

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