TX Man Executed by Concealed-Carry Killer in Cellphone Dispute

28 April 2016, Dallas, Texas

Matthew Wayne Richardson, 25, walked into a Dallas MetroPCS Store looking for someone to help him. All he wanted was a phone, phone accessories, and all the money in the till. Unfortunately for this innocent man, he was shot and killed by the gun fetishist managing the store that night.

While the uneducated redneck claimed the shooting was self-defense, we here at O.S.T.R.I.C.H. believe differently.

Sure, Richardson walked in and pointed a gun at the patrons and staff, but that doesn’t mean that he was actually going to shoot someone. He just wanted to be sure that his needs were attended.

How dare this illiterate, gun-molesting moron DARE to deprive the innocent Richardson of his right to due process by taking his life! If your “attacker” isn’t actually shooting at you, how can you know what his intentions are?

To add insult to injury, the manager was carrying his handgun without a Texas License-to-Carry permit. Which, according to Fox4’s Lynnanne Nguyen, could cause a problem for the manager.

What’s really killing us here is that this is not the first execution of an innocent man by a MetroPCS employee. As it’s such a common event, we call upon MetroPCS to institute a No Weapons policy in their stores. This will ensure maximum safety for everyone by preventing those killers who masquerade as “lawfully-armed, law-abiding citizens” from bringing firearms into the stores.

If MetroPCS employees and customers had been disarmed in all these shooting incidents, then most-likely nobody would have died and the persons in need would have been able to leave, unmolested, with a few extra dollars. And we’re sure that a big, profitable corporation like MetroPCS can afford to have some of their wealth forcibly redistributed to someone in need without their staff needing to “defend themselves.”



As is increasingly-common, criminals in search of easy pickings are targeting cell-phone stores. As is also increasingly-common, the employees of those stores are having none of it.

This time, it was a manager who leapt to the defense of his customers, staff, and employees; opening fire and wounding the violent felon, stopping his assault.

Richardson would later die in the hospital. To be classified by hippies as a “victim” of gun violence.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the gun-control hysteria. Aside from what the forces of confiscation would term “the cold-blooded slaughter of an innocent, but troubled, man” the manager had another alleged problem: he may not have had a License-to-Carry (LTC).

To the uninitiated and the uninformed, this is a problem of earth-shattering proportions. Many people believe that you need a LTC to carry a firearm outside of your own home.

While we’re not lawyers, we feel very safe in saying that this is a fallacy. You need your LTC to carry in public and on other people’s private property, but (in simple terms) anyone with authority to act for the owner of the private property can make decisions regarding carry. In this case, the senior man on deck was the manager, and he had most obviously given himself permission to carry on the MetroPCS property for which he was responsible.

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