Proof Armed Veterans Are Ticking Time-Bombs and Should Be Disarmed

26 April 2016, Harrison County, Mississippi

Kenda Casey, 32, made the biggest mistake of his life when he decided to break into the home Veteran/Gun-Owning Time-Bomb Fred Kately shared with his wife, Rachel.

Casey, most likely on some industrial-grade drugs, felt that the best thing to do after breaking into the sleeping house was to strip down and try out for a job as the Kately Residence’s in-house exotic dancer.

This was, as we have stated, a drug-addled error in judgement as, after rolling around on the floor for a bit, Casey wound up pinned by my Mrs. Kately with Mr. Kately’s gun to his head in full view of their grandson, who had run into the room in fright.

In a fit of justified rage at the assault upon his home, Mr. Kately drew nearer the attacker, took aim at Casey's head, and then pulled back from executing the intruder; keeping his gun handy, but taking it off target while Rachel prayed with Kenda until the police arrived.

Y’all thought they were going to shoot him, didn’t you.

The headline, as is usual with our headlines, was the opposite of what we actually think.

It is an article of faith amongst many Progressives and Liberals that veterans are a group with a higher likelihood of engaging in something they call “gun violence” than other Americans. An odd thought, given that these Vets are the people who are trained and armed by our elected officials to go forth and enact American policy by force.

The negative stereotype is that Veterans, who have served their country at great personal cost, are all riddled with PTSD and other psychological problems and are just a small flashback away from going all “First Blood” on small-town America and, as such, should be kept away from “normal” people.

This is utter bullshit. We know it. The Progressives know it. But the difference is that the Progressives are trying to use this stereotype to push for incremental increases in gun control.

It’s cool, because it’s for the greater good. Or for the children. We can never remember which lies they’re telling these days.

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