Granny Gets Violent: Husband Stabbed & Bludgeoned; 25-Year-Old Shot, Killed

28 April 2016, Sultan, Washington

Steven M. Sheppard, 25, of Gold Bar, WA, was addicted to prescription drugs. We say “was” because little Stevie is no longer with us. While he was searching for help with his addiction, he encountered Leland and Barbara Moles (75 and 80, respectively).

Young Steve was searching for aid on the Moles’ back porch when Mr. Moles got up to see what he was doing. As he attempted to exit the house to interrogate the “intruder”, Mr. Moles’ head struck a piece of rebar and then he collided with a sharp object, cutting into his abdomen.

Tiny Steve then entered the house, presumably to seek shelter and aid for poor Mr. Moles. Instead, he found Mrs. Moles and attempted to take charge of the situation; giving orders and making it clear that he expected compliance.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Moles misinterpreted his take-charge attitude and, after retreating to her bedroom, emerged with her gun and shot our Steve.

Then, instead of rendering aid to the man she just gunned down in cold blood, Mrs. Moles calmly called 9-1-1 (finally) and complained of Stevie “raging around”.

Mr. Moles was airlifted to a nearby hospital, but poor Steve died at the scene, victim of his own enthusiasm.

To pour salt on the wounds, even though the medical examiner has ruled Stevie’s death a homicide, Mrs. Moles has been neither arrested, nor charged for her heinous crime. At the very least, shouldn’t she be taken in and questioned as to why she chose to engage someone she perceived to be an attacker, rather than to flee, call 9-1-1, and wait for the only people capable of using firearms properly to arrive?

Amazing, isn’t it? That someone could write about a home invasion/robbery in such a way as to include all relevant details, but still make the gun owner out to be the bad guy?

This is what we’re dealing with here in America. People who are so unable or unwilling to think or take responsibility for themselves that the above article would make perfect sense to them. People who are, at this moment, mystified about why an 80 year-old woman would even HAVE a gun, much less use it.

Doesn’t she know that she’s more likely to be harmed or killed by it than by anyone else?

No. She doesn’t. She knows that a properly-stored firearm is only dangerous to the people/animals/targets against whom/which it is intended to be used. She knows that by the time the authorities arrived, her husband would have been dead and she would most likely have been well on her way, too.

“But…all life is sacred! Little Stevie was hurt even worse than Mr. Moles!”

We hear you. And we sympathize with the family of a man who was so lost to drugs that he decided to commit multiple felonies, again, in search of drug money.

But we sympathize with the two elderly people more. Two people who were minding their own freaking business when Mr. Sheppard made the decision to invade their sanctuary, beat an 75 year-old man about the head with a piece of rebar, stab the same 75 year-old in the gut, and then rampage through the house trying to kill an 80 year-old woman.

It is the height of intellectual dishonesty to say that you want to restrict/limit/ban/confiscate the most effective self-defense tool available in the name of protecting the weak when it is those same tools which will ACTUALLY protect the weak while you sit in your gated community and “debate the issue” with your fellow cowards.

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