Racist Shoots At Man, Misses

26 April 2016, Savannah, Georgia

Shannon Linton must be a racist. She lives in coastal GA and apparently can’t stand having minorities in her home.

We come to this opinion after she opened fire on two African-American men who accidentaly entered the wrong house.

Waking up to what she thought was the sound of her (probably also racist) husband coming home, she went into the darkened house and bounced off of one of the two men.

As a racist, she knows that the only reason for two non-Caucasian men to be in her home MUST be a crime, so after picking herself up off the floor, she grabbed a shotgun and opened fire.

In reality, of course, we can’t know if she’s racist. What we CAN know is that two men were in her house. One of them struck her as she moved through the house and then he continued to advance on her.

While we’re sure that some mothers out there would demand that a third party take action and relieve this mom of the burden of self-defense and would criticize her for using a firearm against two apparently unarmed men, we here at Interritus can’t really fault an overweight, out of shape mom for taking action to equalize the fight.

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#ShannonLinton #Savannah #Georgia #youareyourownfirstresponder #standyourground #racism

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