Child Involved in Slaying Outside of Texas McDonald's

07 May 2016, League City, Texas

The streets of League City are stained red with the blood of yet another victim of gun violence. This time, a child was involved in the incident; an innocent witness to another cold-blooded execution by a gun-humping, racist, gun owner.

Ratawn Leonard Bourgeois was a hardworking, 38 year-old who had recently re-enrolled at San Jacinto College to complete his BA in Drafting and Design.

We say “was” because Ratawn is no longer with us. As implied above, he was gunned down in cold blood by a gun-fondling imbecile outside of a McDonald’s. According to local “news” sources, the killer began spraying lead at Ratawn after he approached the killer’s vehicle in the Drive-Thru.

Allegedly, Ratawn, a church-going man, attempted to rob his killer at gunpoint while the killer sat in the Drive-Thru, his young, impressionable son, a backseat witness to his father’s unprovoked rage and bloodlust.

We can’t REALLY be sure of the reason he approached his executioners vehicle, at a drive-thru, around 2 in the afternoon, but now we will never know. All we have is what the shooter says, a few eyewitnesses (probably bribed by the NRA), and some surveillance video. None of which justifies the shooter’s taking of a life, simply because someone pointed a gun at him.

It’s not like he started shooting or anything. If Ratawn’s killer had truly been a man of peace as so many gun-fetishists are wont to claim, then 1) why didn’t the shooter just hand over his cash? And 2) How was the shooter able to shoot a man who had “the drop” on him from a seated position unless he was waiting to shoot someone, anyone

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