Washington Berserker Fails to Kill "Intruder"

05 May 2016, Shoreline, Washington

A trigger-happy redneck in Washington State opened fire on a man OUTSIDE his house.

According to police, the wannabe vigilante and his family were awakened by the sound of some poor, misguided soul seeking entry into the house.

For some unknown reason, the bloodlust that must be felt by every gun owner was not enough to overcome the homeowners reasoning. So, instead of setting out immediately to bathe in the blood of an innocent, the homeowner gathered his family in their designated retreat area and called 9-1-1.

For some unknowable reason, the gun owner, armed and ready to kill, waited with his family while their assailant, a next-door neighbor, continued to pound on the doors and windows, seeking ‘Frank” while the homeowner’s daughter gave a play-by-play to the 9-1-1 Dispatcher.

It was not until the attacker actually broke a window and was preparing to move into the house itself that our berserker, our raging gun owner went forth alone to engage with the intruder.

The angry, irrational, gun-owner, seeking to slake his thirst for violence, moved into the front of the house to prevent the intruder’s gaining access through the window. He confronted the intruder, the intruder decided to continue his attempt to enter. The homeowner, in his lust, felt compelled to fire upon the intruder, punishing him without due process of law and depriving him of his pursuit of happiness.

He was deprived of his liberty when law enforcement arrived and took him into custody, and almost deprived of his life when the homeowner’s reckless and negligent discharge of a firearm almost killed him.

The local authorities, tools of the NRA, have seen fit to not charge the homeowner; calling it “self-defense”. As if self-defense would not have been sufficiently achieved by simply permitting the attacker to enter and take what he wanted from the house, allowing law enforcement to track him down and arrest him in due course.

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