Men Pistol-Whip and Shoot a Total Stranger

22 April 2016, Kansas City, Missouri

Yet another Batman wannabe has taken it upon himself to fight crime in Kansas City, Mo.

This time, an apartment resident went outside to investigate a noise and discovered a stranger attempting to break into the resident’s car. The resident confronted the burglar, who pulled a knife on the resident.

The resident, irrational and bloodthirsty due to his overwhelming need to harm the burglar, retreated from the burglar’s threat of deadly force to his own apartment, calling for his roommate to arm himself.

Why? Why would a kill-crazy redneck want to share the credit for what could be his kill of a desperate, innocent man who had no gun?

Because while the resident was retreating, the burglar followed him with his knife.

The roommate, having girded his loins with the tools to murder a man who hadn’t actually done any real harm yet, failed to shoot the burglar immediately. Instead, he and the resident attempted to engage the burglar in hand-to-hand combat, pistol whipping the burglar, but with insufficient force to take the burglar out of the fight.

Eventually, the two residents both armed themselves and one of them got a shot off, wounding the burglar.

The burglar was arrested at a nearby hospital. His would-be killers walk free to threaten more innocent criminals.

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